Paleo Burn Review

paleo burn fat burner systemI just finished reading a lot of Paleo Burn Reviews on the internet as this is the latest weight product being promoted. Unfortunately many website owners write quick reviews to make a quick affiliate commission.

After browsing through many of them that pretty much replicates each other except for a few tweaks and modifications they all come to the same results, getting you to click through with there link.

I want to give my own take on Paleo Burn Fat Burner System and who is the creator behind this product and what it is all about. The man behind this belly cutting program is a Ken Burge who is a Certified Crossfit Level 1 trainer who has devoted his time to helping others with custom specific exercises and correct eating habits.

Ken states that he has used this system to shed over 30 pounds and has made him feeling great.

What is Paleo Burn Fat Burner System?

It basically covers all the foods that are wrong for your body that instead of triggering your metabolism and fat burning hormones, stimulates bad hormones that store fats in your body. Ken teaches you how to cut away this unwanted body fat by eliminating a few certain foods from your diet.

What you get with Kens belly cutting program?

  • PaleoBurn Fat Burner System
  • PaleoBurn Quick Start Guide
  • PaleoBurn Food List
  • PaleoBurn Audio Edition
  • PaleoBurn Fat Burning Cookbook.

Paleo Burn is nothing fancy other than showing you what are the bad foods that corporate America keeps branding as healthy. The content is well written and laid out. There are no videos which always bothers me as I prefer watching than reading. Although the audio edition is a nice touch that you can listen on the go with any mobile device.

The sales page video is a drag as it is long and pretty much time consuming. If you are interested in this program allow sometime to watch the video until you can get access to the next step.

All in all its a decent program with fundamental details that will help you with your weight loss and cutting down your belly fat. Remember it comes down to you and where you want to be with your body. Make it happen and make the change.

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