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I am a sports, fitness and health enthusiast. I enjoy hikes, canoeing and getting out and enjoying life. I also enjoy blogging and sharing the best health and weight loss tips. After spending most of my teenage years overweight, I was on a mission to live a better and healthy life. Now at 24, I am living it!

The #1 Surprising Obstacle To Weight Loss For Women

When it comes to losing weight, diet and exercise are often prescribed as the “keys” to success. But are they really enough? What if the biggest obstacle to your weight loss success was more insidious than you might expect?

A recent survey in the Consumer Reports National Research Center asked psychologists what people’s #1 obstacle with weight loss was.  The result?

Emotions were far and away the most popular response.

Yes, your emotions – your very own brain — are working against you to sabotage your weight loss goals. So if you’ve ever felt guilty after eating a meal… or felt too “down” to exercise… or even found yourself in a trance in front of your refrigerator as you gobbled down that chocolate bar…

… then you’ve experienced emotions standing in the way of your weight loss.

Fortunately, I’m here to tell you that you DON’T have to be a victim anymore.  You can conquer your emotions–put your brain back in check, take control and achieve your weight loss and health goals. Best part?  The solutions are much simpler than you might think.

Here’s how to seize back control from your renegade emotions:

Emotional Mastery Technique #1: Get Conscious

The first step in conquering our emotions is to simply practice being aware of them. That little voice inside our heads is usually not a very friendly one, and we often just let it berate us.  We let it tell us we’re fat, we’re a failure, we’re a loser — that we’ll never lose weight.

And we keep letting it talk down to us like that, day in and day out! How are we supposed to succeed in losing weight -– let alone ANYTHING in our lives — if we let our inner voice take control and make us think we’re a failure all the time?

Of course, we can’t.   This kind of negative self-talk is GUARANTEED to affect your mood, your drive, and your willingness to actually try to lose weight and be health. The truth is..  if you want to lose weight successfully, you’ve got to learn how to change that voice’s narrative.

The Solution: Rewrite Your Inner Voice’s Script

The first step in this process is to simply start pulling yourself away from the inner voice.  Acknowledge that this voice is simply your brain making sense of the environment around it – NOT your actual voice. With this knowledge, you can start to separate yourself from the chatter inside of your mind, and start to pay attention to what it’s actually saying.

Here’s how to do it…

Sit down in a quiet area, and just listen to your inner voice.  Hear what it is saying to you, what beliefs it’s trying to push on you.  And listen closely to the language it’s using. Also, pay careful attention to the emotions the voice is bringing up in you.

Is the voice mean? Hurtful? Is it uplifting or is it holding you back and putting you in a negative place? If this voice were an actual friend of yours, would you listen to it? Would you let them talk to you like they are now?

If not, then now is the time to put a stop to it. When you hear this inner voice saying negative things and dragging you down, interrupt the voice and call it out for what it really is: lies. Tell the voice, “These are lies. I am not listening to you.”

And replace those thoughts with a positive mantra – a good one can simply be “I am good.”

More on that in a second…

Emotional Mastery Technique #2: Acceptance

So now that you’ve started to get a handle on your inner voice, the next step is to cultivate personal acceptance. What I mean is simply – I can tell you to tell yourself “I am good.” – and that will help. But it’s one thing for you to say it – it’s another thing entirely for you to actually BELIEVE it.

And that’s our next step – cultivating belief in yourself and boosting your self-esteem.  If we don’t actually believe in ourselves, our abilities, and don’t accept ourselves for who we are – then we will NEVER succeed in losing weight – let alone anything else.

The Solution: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

You may not be in love with yourself now. You may look in the mirror and be very unhappy with what you see. Maybe you’re carrying a few extra pounds – or even a lot of extra pounds. And while yes, being overweight is a symptom of a stronger, underlying health condition that needs to be addressed.

You’re NEVER going to be able to solve that underlying problem unless you accept yourself FIRST. So when you’re approaching your weight loss, the inner dialogue isn’t “I’m worthless, I’m hideous, this is terrible, I hate myself.”

This language does NOT serve you, and will only hurt you and prevent you from losing weight.

There are 3 steps:

  1. Recognize you have a health challenge you need to address.
  2. Accept this is where you are right now – and that it’s okay – because you are going to take control and fix it.
  3. Take action to address the problem.

Finally, an important mantra (from a great book, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It), is simply just telling yourself every day “I love myself. I love myself. I love myself.” You may not believe it now, but eventually, it will become true for you.

Emotional Mastery Technique #3: Reframing Mistakes

We all falter in our goals.  No one is perfect,  No one is a robot.  Everyone has made mistakes in their journey toward getting the lean, toned body they want. But what differentiates the people who ACTUALLY succeed, versus those that crash and burn?  I’ll tell you.

It’s their attitude, their reactions, their BELIEFS about mistakes they make.

Look:  if you allow your inner critic to convince you that every mistake you make means you’re worthless… or that you’re a failure… or that it’s not even worth continuing – you will NOT succeed!  Instead…

The Solution: Turn Mistakes Into Opportunities

A simple reframe is in store: Mistakes should be thought of simply as opportunities to learn. If you make a mistake on your journey to better health, it is not the end of the world. Mistakes are SEPARATE from your self worth. A mistake does NOT affect your value as a person. So ACCEPT that mistakes happen, notice WHY they happen – without judgment – and move on.

This Is Just The First Step In Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals. Taking control of your emotions and self-talk is a phenomenal first step in achieving weight loss success. Without your control, all the exercise and dieting in the world WON’T work.

Yet when you regain control… all the strategies you use to lose weight are AMPLIFIED and work way more effectively. So let me share something very special with you that’s happening this month.

It’s called “For Women Only: The Weight Loss Solution”.  It’s a FREE online event designed specifically for women who want to lose weight. Register For The Weight Loss Solution Here.

It’s hosted by my good friend Neely Quinn and the team at  They’ve gathered over 35 of the top weight loss experts in the world to show you EXACTLY how to finally lose the weight you want – and get the body you desire.

In this event, you’ll learn everything from:

  • How to identify and overcome emotional eating
  • What to eat (and which foods to avoid)
  • How to balance and take control of your hormones
  • How to heal digestion, thyroid, and autoimmune conditions that are sabotaging your weight loss naturally
  • How to “cheat” and still lose weight
  • How to exercise (and more importantly, how NOT to exercise)
  • And, of course, a LOT more that I can’t fit in this article.




4 Ways To Spot Target Fat From Anywhere On Your Body

Most women just cannot help but want the perfect bodies. After all, they see beautiful people on TV and being fat just isn’t something most women appreciate or want. Of course losing weight by dieting & exercise are highly recommended and hopefully you are doing this.

Unfortunately, all this effort and work won’t help much when it comes to actual spot targeting.

These days there seem to be more and more new fat removing surgeries. Some hurt and some don’t. Some cost a fortune and some are relatively inexpensive. Besides opting for a liposuction type of surgery, there is one liposuction alternative secret that really works and has started to become more common among women.

Before you get too excited, please understand that this is NOT an overnight miracle solution.

For most people, they need 6 treatments to get good results. The best part is that these are home treatments and are actually pleasant to use. I’ll tell you the secret product at the end of this article.

For now, I want to make sure you know all of your options so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

Option #1 – Liposuction surgery

A cosmetic surgical operation in which subcutaneous fat is removed from the body by suction. This cost is usually $5,000 or more and recovery time can be up to 8 weeks.

Option #2 – Mesotherapy

An alternative medicine treatment of injecting chemicals just under the skin to stimulate or break down tissues in the mesoderm. This costs ranges from $500 – $1500 per session and it could take up to 6 sessions to get your desired results. They claim no downtime.

Option #3 – Zerona

A non-invasive laser designed for body contouring and is marketed as a liposuction alternative. The Zerona laser is meant to make fat cell membranes more porous to fat, thus allowing for fat excretion. Zerona is typically administered in a medical office in 6 sessions stretched over a two week period. The average cost is $2100. They claim no downtime.

Option #4 – Natural Sculpting System

A cloth spa treatment used at home and is pre-cut for the Abs, Back, Legs, Arms, Chin, Neck and more. The herbal and homeopathic remedies are pre-applied to each treatment. The average cost is $250 for each area. Suzanne the owner is very honest and claims this is not an overnight miracle product and that 6 treatments is needed to see noticeable results.

There is no downtime either.

After reading through all of the information, we recommend trying the least expensive and safest option the Natural Sculpting System. Go to BeatsLiposuctionReview for the details or to contact Suzanne directly. She actually answers the phone if you call.

The Venus Factor Review Targets Women

Venus Factor ReviewThere have been quite a few great success stories from very happy users of The Venus Factor. Read this full review and learn about John Barban’s fantastic package that targets mainly women as the metabolism is very different to that of men.

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I must say that the sales page is a little too over hypey and although this is not ground breaking science as it claims to be, it is still a highly effective program with a good circuit training like program. Read on.

Most diet and weight loss programs target the general public and not all women and men are the same. We process things differently and have different hormones that targets different areas of our bodies.

So a weight loss or fitness program will not yield the same results for women as it does for men and this is the exact reason why you should not diet like a man. We are just built differently. Lets break down The Venus Factor program that targets women specifically.

Who is John Barban?

John Barban has a degree in human biology and nutrition and is also a certified kinesiologist. He has performed and completed all required certifications to be a qualified personal training and has worked in the diet and supplement industry for over 8 years. If you have taken any effective supplement, then you will be familiar with his work.

With the Venus Factor John shares his research that shows you the specific reason why it’s much more harder for women to lose weight and keep it off compared to men. John has done extensive research on the female metabolism and has helped his sister break through her fat loss barrier.

What is the Venus Factor?

Did you know that Leptin is the master hormone that controls all to do with weight loss in both men and women? That’s right, this hormone is responsible for burning fat.

Women have higher level of leptin than that of men but are less responsive to it and thus these fat burning signals are not triggered. And when dieting these, leptin levels drop off even further for women.

The Venus Factor was designed to drastically increase the female metabolism to provide you with long lasting weight loss results without restricting the foods that you enjoy.

Lets explore further.

The Venus Factor Includes:

  • 12 Week Nutrition and Weight Loss Plan
  • Virtual Nutritionist to help you with your weight loss goals
  • Venus Factor Workouts to tone and slim your body faster
  • 143 Premium Coaching Lessons
  • Venus Immersion Community – Join other successful Venus Factor users and discuss your results with them and read theirs!

All this for only $47. Hard to believe right? Well that is what John is offering for such a low price. NOW you do need to know that this is no Fad diet or any magic bullet. If you do not put in the effort, unfortunately you will not achieve the results. If you feel that you have to work then I am sorry this is not for you.

BUT, if you are determined to finally learn how to achieve your desired body type, then The Venus Factor is for you. This program is well laid out and easy to follow. I enjoyed the 12 week plan as I was expecting some starve dieting and cutting out my favorite foods. This is not the case at all. There is no stone unturned with this program. It was actually enjoyable to follow and felt great with higher energy levels and not feeling so tired. My cravings were reduced so I was not snacking continuously through out the day.

The one drawback that I found was that some of the videos were a little too drawn out and a little boring. Other than that this is a very effective weight loss program and will definitely help you lose weight and get the body you want. Do not wait and get the Venus Factor today and start losing weight.

All the best!

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Review of the Female Fat Free Solution.

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