Lose Weight By Eating Correctly

burn ab fat by eatingDid you know that exercise is not the number 1 factor to burning off body fat. I will reveal what is the surprise number 1 factor to shed the pounds a little lower. Lets discuss a little about exercise.

In order to burn off ab fat, you need to consume less calories than your body uses. By exercising, you can increase the number of calories your body will use. BUT in order to achieve the desired flat stomach, you would have to do a lot of exercise at a very excessive rate to burn ab fat.

I am not saying to stop exercising completely as exercise is still part of the formula in cutting stomach fat.

The trick to losing your stubborn excess fat by working out is to workout at a level that your body will use the fat stored as an energy source. First, your body burns glucose stored in muscle tissue and then it will slowly turn to burning of the fat.

Also if you exercise too excessive and cause your body’s energy needs to exceed its ability to convert fat into fuel, your body will start using lean muscle tissue because it converts to fuel faster than fat.

If you are unable to hold a normal conversation with someone during workout, you are over exercising. There are other formulas to determine the correct burn-ab-fat exercise levels, but this rule of thumb seems to work well.

Do not worry about crunches for now!

Crunches and sit-ups do not help in losing abdominal fat. They are toning exercises and no matter how much of these you do and no matter how toned you are, if you still have a layer of ab fat you will never see those toned abs. Fat burning cardio exercise such as walking, jogging and swimming will help in shedding your body fat.

The Number 1 Factor to Losing the Fat

As I mentioned before, the most important factor for burning ab fat is not exercising but eating. Yes, you read right. Exercise is very good for you and you should continue doing exercises. But doing exercises alone will not give you that flat stomach. Eating is the number 1 factor in to burn ab fat and lose stubborn belly fat. By changing the way you eat, and I do not mean going on a diet where you starve yourself, but just changing your protein vs carbohydrate intake will turn your body from a fat storing state into a fat burning state.

Protein produces glucagon which is a hormone responsible for triggering your body’s metabolism. The more glucagon your body produces, the more fat your body will burn. Carbohydrates produces more sugar which your body becomes resistant to and stores sugar in foods as fat.

Once you start eating the way nature intended for you, you will see results faster and a slimmer mid-section. Exercising can be used for toning and overall body health.