Bodyweight Burn Review – Awesome Fat Burning Workouts!

Bodyweight Burn ReviewIn todays article we are going to discuss Bodyweight Burn fitness program by Adam Steer and this review will cover what the program is about and what you get in order to make your decision a lot easier.

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In order to make any fitness or weight loss program work, you need to be serious about your goals and that you actually WANT to reach those goals.

SO it is entirely up to you to make this work and if you only are want to see what this program is about and not really willing to work hard and exercise, then I am afraid Bodyweight Burn is not for you.

NOW if you are tired of feeling the way you are right now and do not enjoy seeing yourself in your current state and want to lose weight and reach your goal weight, then I recommend you read my full Bodyweight Burn Review to see why this program could be right for you.

*I would like to let you know that I purchase and try each program and assess if it is worth the time and the investment. I share my honest opinions in order to help you make your decision easier.*

What is Bodyweight Burn?

Bodyweight Burn is 21-minute system that will help you maximize your body’s ability to continuously burn off fat. There claim to strip off 21 lbs of fat with just 21 minutes per day working out is a tall order but if done correctly as they show you, can come very close to this number. This program consists of 3 essential workouts that could potentially build you a body like those you see on the big screen. Biggest search on the interGoogle over the past weekend is the James Bond workout and Daniel Craig workout.

If you went to go watch the latest 007 flick, Skyfall, you would be mightily inspired after seeing James Bond with his shirt off and would want to get in shape like him. Most fall short thinking that jumping off the couch and start jogging is going to get them that killer shape. This is where Bodyweight Burn comes into play.

Who is behind Bodyweight Burn?

The 2 guys behind this program are well known as the Bodyweight Coaches. They are none other than Adam Steer and Ryan Murdoch. Both of them are qualified in fitness and weightloss and have the following credentials : => NCSA-CPT, NCCP 3, AKC Coach, Biosignature Certified, MAT Lower Body Specialist. That being said that are most qualified to bring you a program that will help you burn fat and lose weight.

What do you get with the Bodyweight Burn Program?

BodyWeight Burn Program

There are 3 core components of this program that will help you continuously burn fat which they refer to as the secret weapon. The BW Cardioflow Workout which is Slow Cardio and it puts you right into the fat burning zone and keep you using your fat as a fuel source.

The BW Afterburner Workouts are interval workouts that helps you lose the flabby fat after you have completed your workout. Your body continues to work hard in restoring itself after the intense workout.

BW Metabolic Muscle Workouts help keep your insulin sensitivity high resulting in constant muscle building when you move and fat loss. You do not need to spend hours in the gym trying to burn off the calories when 21 minutes is all that is needed.

The complete program:

  • BW3 Workout System
  • Carb-Synch Diet System
  • BW3 Exercises
  • Handy Wall Charts
  • My Workouts
  • Exercise Instruction

Additional Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1 => BW3 Workout System Integration Guide
  • Bonus #2 => Bodyweight Burn Quick Start Guide
  • Bonus #3 => Supplement Guide
  • Bonus #4 => Follow-Along Mobility Routine Filmed Live In Australia
  • Bonus #5 => Beyond Sit Ups
  • Bonus #6 => Beyond Push Ups

The Bodyweight Burn Program is a digital download and what this means is that there is no physical product and shipping costs to worry about. Once you purchase Bodyweight Burn, you will have instant access to the members area where you will be able to get all the programs and guides and start as soon as possible. This makes it handy as you can access the materials no matter where you are in the world as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

My assessment of the program

On the whole I found Adam and Ryan’s Bodyweight Burn program very effective and you will be able to see results from the get go if you follow it properly and start eating correctly. You don’t have to give up all the food you love, but choices need to be made if you want to achieve results. They do offer a 60 day money back guarantee, but I don’t think it will be necessary as I am sure you will make a great go of it.

As with any weight loss program, if you do not put in the effort, you will not lose weight and get your desired body. You have to work hard.

One of the negatives that I have with this program is no use of videos. I wish they would use videos as I am very visual and love seeing things being done rather than reading. I hope they consider adding this as a future update.

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