Fat Loss Forever Review

I have completed reviewing John Romaniello (NSCA-CPT) and Dan Go (CPT, NWS) Fat Loss Forever program and have posted a full article shortly. Learn how you can burn off fat and keep it off by reading the article below.

about fat loss forever nutrition guideWhat is Fat Loss Forever?

Fat Loss Forever creators, John Romaniello (NSCA-CPT) and Dan Go (CPT, NWS) have put together a weight loss program describing exactly how to implement intermittent fasting strategies and the most cutting edge techniques into a comprehensive fat loss program that leaves no stone uncovered.

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With this Fat Loss program, you will learn why most programs use guilt triggers that effectively put you on an up and down pattern which causes dieting relapses. They unravel three 3 shocking myths that the media and the big companies would like you to believe in order for them to remain in the positive side of profits. You will discover how breakfast is sabotaging you attempts to the lose weight and burn off fat.

Fat Loss Forever includes the following:

  1. Diet Manual – eliminate dieting forever, includes what to eat
  2. Training Manual – never seen before workouts
  3. Workout Log Sheets – keep track of your workouts
  4. Results Calendar – everyday progress schedule, stay on track
  5. Supplement Guide – best supplements recommended for you
  6. Food Guide and Grocery List – all you need to buy at the grocery store
  7. Quick Start Guide and Cheat Sheet – overview of the full guide in condensed version
  8. Secret Audio Interrogation – listen on your iPhone or MP3 player

Actual results of FLF user below:

fat loss for ever results

In closing, I must say that Fat Loss Forever will give you the results you have been looking for and help you reach your goals. As with everything in life there is no magic bullet and if you do not put in the effort, I am sorry but you will not lose the weight.

You will get instant access to Fat Loss Forever right after purchase and all the modules are easy to follow. You can download and read at your own leisure but please give it a go.

The only thing that I have against FLF is that there are no videos. I prefer videos and think it would be much easier to follow. I have spoken with them and this might be in the plans for a future release.

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