Female Fat Loss Over Forty Review

Female Fat Loss Over Forty ReviewShawna Kaminski has just released a fat loss program for females over 40 so read my review to learn why this is so timely a good friend of mine.

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The Female Fat Loss Over 40 program is geared towards women in their 40’s and beyond that are dealing with the onset of menopause and all it’s effects. This is a well-rounded program that addresses both exercise and nutrition.

This program came at a great time for me as one of my best friends is currently going through a tough time with her weight.

She is a single mother of 3 and really does not have anytime for herself. She has grown depressed over the fact that she cannot do much for her weight loss as she has tried almost every diet fad out there,

Her main concern is her lack of motivation as her day is filled with work and her kids whom she loves and adores and always provides the best for them. She just needs some time to herself so that she build her self esteem up again and also feels that she is lacking the energy needed at the most important time of the day — when she gets home!

My friend Monica, is 45 years old and went through a very bad divorce 5 years ago and has not fully recovered from that.

I am sure most of you like her, are always putting everything before you do anything for yourself and it is not too late to feel great again.

I really wanted to help my friend Monica out and researched many weight loss programs out there. I have reviewed many but they did not seem to fit her lifestyle. Plus she is over 40 and hormones act much differently at this age than females between 24 and 35.

After much research I was left with nothing much than what I have already reviewed. 3 Months ago Shawna Kaminski released this exceptional program called Female Fat Loss Over 40. I actually cried when I received her announcement email. But as I usually do, I review programs before making any recommendations.

So after reviewing Shawna’s weight loss program for women over 40, I was excited to show this to Monica and give her the break down as to how she can start using this for herself.

A brief overview of Female Fat Loss Over 40

  • 12 Workouts with full length follow along videos
  • Nutrition tips guide
  • Meal plans
  • Get Your Z’sss Sleep guide
  • Audio Interval Workouts
  • Audio Interval Training
  • What to eat guide
  • exercise library
  • Pilates surprise bonus

This is just the base program. You do have the option to upgrade to her advanced programs that have extra workouts and guides but the base will do very fine to get you off an running.

Remember that this is for your own benefit. If you can put some time aside for yourself, you will be able to get more done and start feeling much better.

Monica has been on the Female Fat Loss Over 40 program for 5 weeks now and is enjoying every minute of it. In order for her to follow this program, she has decided to wake up an hour earlier. I know that this sounds tough at first, Monica is now into her routine that her energy levels are much higher and she does not feel tired when she gets home.

reviews by female fat loss over 40 customers

Monica’s motivation has changed and her children are reaping the rewards because she has more to give now. I feel that if it has worked for her, it will work for you too! Monica has lost 3 inches off her waist and her muscle tone is starting to take shape. This is very promising as she has really flabby arms.

You must see her excitement when she reaches her weekly goal. Its incredible to witness her turn-around from feeling beaten and now getting back on top.

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