The Best Visual Impact Frequency Training Review

Rusty Moore has just released his latest program called Visual Impact Frequency Training and you can read a full review here. If you want to get your hands on a new ground breaking fitness program, then you must read on.

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Quick Summary of this new fitness program

Visual Impact Frequency Training ReviewThis is an 8-12 week program that maximizes density and true muscle tone. It involves training 4-6 days per week, hitting the same muscle groups each and every day.

Training is done in a way to minimize fatigue and maximize tension. Repeated hard contractions over the course of a week result in firm compact muscles.

As you add strength to lifts without adding size, the muscles become more and more dense. The program borrows principles from former Soviet Union Olympic strength coach Vladimir Zatsiorsky and former Soviet Special Forces trainer, Pavel Tsatsouline but in a way that maximizes tone without adding size & without over-training.

This program is perfect for women as well. The whole idea behind the program is to get 6 months worth of density and definition training compressed into a 2 month time frame. By the end of these 2 months your CNS will be more “alert” sending stronger impulses to the muscles being worked.

Even when you aren’t training, an awakened nervous system will result in firm muscles that display “true muscle tone”. Honestly…there simply isn’t anything like this offered in the fitness market.

The idea is to use this program once per year…for 2-3 months to rapidly increase muscle definition and strength then move on to a more moderate program.

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