Yoga Weight Loss Journey Review

Yoga Weight Loss Journey ReviewRead my review of Katerina Love Senn’s Yoga Weight Loss Journey and discover how you can lose weight without dieting, supplements or any high intensity and weight resistant training.

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If you have been struggling to shed the pounds and have no idea where to look regarding conflicting fitness and health information, then The Healing Journey might be for you.

About Katerina Love Senn

Katerina Love Senn is actually a very well known author from the United Kingdom and wrote a ground breaking book called “Losing Weight is a Healing Journey: A Woman’s Guide to Losing Weight Naturally.

A teacher of Hatha Yoga and natural healing, Katerina had her struggles with her own weight over ten years ago. She successfully shed over 60 pounds and has manage to keep here weight off with Yoga and correct eating.

Yoga Weight Loss Journey

In this video, Katerina is going to demonstrate yoga and breathing exercises that will stimulate your healing weight loss journey.

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