Kellan Lutz Workout

Kellan Lutz Hercules Workout

Kellan Lutz Workout for role as Hercules

Former model turned actor Kellan Lutz had grueling workouts for his role as Hercules which plans to be one of the biggest blockbusters for 2014.

Known as the ripped body from his Calvin Klein underwear ads, Kellan had to put on weight, muscle and get cut to star as Hercules in the upcoming movie, Hercules: The Legend Begins.

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Although the training was grueling that was the least of his worries as he had to perfect riding a horse while yielding a heavy sword and fighting off attacking mercenaries. Stuff legends!

Workout Plan for his role as Hercules

Kellan had to put on muscle mass and weight and was eating high volumes of protein. At the same time he was required to get gut to show off every muscle.

He ate plenty of milk chocolate bars for the calories so that he had the energy to burn off. But mostly a high protein diet for his muscle gain. Being difficult on set with all the food available to the actors, Kellan remained discipline in staying on routine to get the most out of his efforts. Which truly pay off as you can see in the trailer below.

One advantage that Kellan Lutz has is that he has always been a fitness freak by waking up at 6.30am for his daily runs. His runs are not just light jogging. He runs at a high tempo stopping to do pushups then continuing then stopping again for some lunge sessions. After his run its a good few reps on the pushup bars. All this is done with his own body weight as resistance.

For Hercules, he was more in the gym doing weights to put on some mass but nothing as close to Dwayne Johnson who is preparing for another independent Hercules movie. Plyometrics also plays a part in his workout routines, keeping his body in tune for the cardio portions of his scenes.

Kellan Lutz Adonis Golden Ratio Workout

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