Finding The Best Weight Loss Supplement

Finding the best weight loss supplements can be tricky as you would need to spend hours on end researching which supplements are best for you. Also determining which supplement you would like to use to aid your weight loss efforts is important.

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Are These Weight Loss Supplements Effective?

Mens Fitness put out a supplement guide for 2013 that breaks down various types. After much research myself and testing various fat burners, muscle gainers, the company that I always go to for my supplements is BioTrust.

The Problem with most Weight Loss Supplements….

Most consumers of nutrition products (you) are very often surprised to discover that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not test, monitor or approve dietary and weight supplements.

What does this tell you? This means that abundance of fat burners, performance boosters, vitamins, minerals, herbs and protein powders you see online and on store shelves everywhere are completely non-regulated and it is very hard to know what you’re really purchasing.

You see, the FDA leaves it up to the individual supplement manufacture to formulate, test and monitor their own products. Many supplement companies try and cut all kinds of corners when it comes to quality control in order to boost up their profit margins.

Be aware of what you are swallowing…

Here is a breakdown of 5 of the most repeated offenses when it comes to lack of quality control for weight loss supplements:

  1. Many companies do not hire qualified Registered Dieticians, PhDs or Medical Doctors to formulate their products based on the latest research. This results in products that lack safety standards and aren’t effective. In fact, most supplements are formulated by inexperienced hackers that simply mix up a batch of questionable ingredients without any process or thought.
  2. Use of untested, artificial and low-quality ingredients that are usually contaminated and in tiny amounts that are ineffective.
  3. Not manufactured in an FDA-rated facility under the strict, government-approved Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  4. No post production testing to ensure its ingredients match what is listed on the label or if the products is free of lead or any bacteria.
  5. Most companies use their customers as guinea pigs when it comes to quality control.

What makes BioTrust stand out from the rest…

BioTrust does the exact opposite of what you just read above. They actually use the products that they manufacture themselves and recommend to their own friends and family. They will only put out a product if its good enough for them. They go through a stringent scientific process to make sure their products are of the utmost highest quality. Once each product’s standards are met, then are they only BioTrust Approved and Certified.

The 7 Step Process used by BioTrust

  1. World Class Formulators
  2. BioTrust only uses the Scientific Dose
  3. All natural raw ingredients
  4. Raw ingredient testing
  5. Registered manufacturing with the FDA
  6. 3rd party quality assurance testing
  7. Reviewed through the Scientific Board Advisory

So the next you buy a supplement whether online or in store, find out if the manufacturer went through the above process in making the product you have in hand. Remember at the end of the day its your own body. Look after it.

BioTrust manufacturers 100% natural products and supplements and they stand behind their products with a 1 year Money Back Guarantee. Find another supplement company that offers you this!

BioTrust - the best weight loss supplements

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